HV TEKNO Products has a well organised & experienced team Manufacture and Supply Electrical Testing & Measuring Equipment mainly concentrating on High Voltage Construction Kit; electrical high voltage laboratory products for educational institutions and small industries market, such as, Modular High Voltage AC, DC, Impulse test sets, Measuring/Coupling Capacitors, SF6 Filled standard Capacitors, Measuring Spark Gaps. HVTP products are designed to be safe, efficient in performance and easy to work even for students & beginners. The products are made with good aesthetics & skilled workmanship for long lasting efficient performance and accuracy in line with respective National & International Standards. Range of different variants are available to suit every requirement at very reasonable price commensurate to best performing products leading the market.

Impulse Resistors & Inductors used with impulse generators of any design for wave shaping purpose, available with ohmic values ranging from 1 ohms to 10M ohms with various voltage and energy ratings.Inductors ranging from 1┬ÁH to 1H with various voltage and energy ratings